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  1. GET JAZZED ABOUT CAPRICIOUS CHEMISTRY! Now you see it, now you don’t! Mix, measure & pour chemicals! Here are rain activated liquids! And soooo much more!
  2. PHYSICS LOGISTICSMake sense of the science that shapes our lives!  A challenge of materials including fantastic plastics to salvage & design plus marvelous magnetic motion with a multitude of magnets! Is bubble gum science? Investigate the awesome power of the super slupper!
  3. SPACE: Far far  in the future in a galaxy far far away! The solar system is all around – what else is out “there?”? Will a worm hole work? Check for exoplanets! Explore impact craters & learn to classify objects in space!
  4. MARINE: THE OCEAN IS CALLING & WE MUST EXPLORE!  Currents connect us! Create an ethogram! Sharks once more by popular request (new ones!)! More to seek & scrutinize!
  5. INCLUSIVE & CONNECTED SCIENCE!: Leave no stone unturned in this discovery lab! Zoology, archeology, paleontology, geology & more! Who is the ultimate transformer? Investigate the Podokesaurus! What were the other Saurians? Flip a fidget spinner!  Which rocks are in your sox?
  6. SURPRISE SCIENCE!! ASTONISHING & AMAZING! Science never quits which means there is so much to see, do & learn! This last session will bring new and current science to our labs! The curriculum & projects will ambush those who seek to get caught! This is unexpected!
  7. SCRAPOLOGY:  Unleash your inner spirit of curiosity & explore  using dyes, inks, stamps & more to create fantastic chemistry with an artistic twist! Learn techniques to make paper old quickly!  Test a variety of inks while you stamp along! Be creative – ideas, inspirations and mediums abound in these glitter & glow projects!!  Make a technique tab ring for future reference! Science is everywhere & this is a great unique start to a summer of science!!
  8. EDIBLE SCIENCE;  Yummy, Yummy in my Tummy!
  9. DISSECTION: Use your  sense of touch, small, & sight to explore! How does the skin of a shark feel? What do gills look like? How do gills allow the shark to breath? Check out the fins.




  1. RUN AROUND RAMSHACKLE PHYSICS!:  Let’s build round walls! Check out slopes & angles! Collide with cardboard! Here are roofs from temples to castles! Imagine your research station moving! Will your model work?  & STELLAR SPACE: What can we see out there? Why and how? Participate in some awesome experiments from NASA demonstrating how information from the solar system & beyond is gathered! How is Earth protected from radiation?
  2. ENERGY GALORE!  Explore process of energy development! Engineer a way to light up your K’nex project! Add some pizzazz – work with LED’s, wire, battery – your constructions techniques are endless! And take it all home!! FAR FLUNG SCIENCE OUTDONE!: Can the fidget spinner save us? Study microreceptors! Caribou are being affected by urban encroachment! Bats spiral on the air currents! The Seed Bank is flooding! Let’s think! Global issues are examined & solutions proposed! Will this tiny animal with a backbone survive?
  3. DOODLEBUG SCIENCE! How does doodle work? Tinker & fiddle with it!  Down & up – gravity or something else? A set of science is here – designed for fun plus STEAM & STEM projects! Find the secrets of slinkies! Demonstrate synergy! Can you have a safe landing with this experiment? Good luck!
  4. DISSECTION: Use your  sense of touch, small, & sight to explore! How does the skin of a shark feel? What do gills look like? How do gills allow the shark to breath? Check out the fins.



Spectrum of Science After School labs not offered at your school site? No problem, just call 925-820-2415 and we will help you bring these dynamic and exciting labs to your school!!