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Crispy & Cool in the Chem Lab!CRISPY & COOL IN THE CHEM LAB! Go with the flow as liquids are poured & magnified! Be prepared for wacky sticky wickie! Try experiments with fantastic plastic! Use a drop of this or a drop of that? Revive “It” tests included!



ENCOUNTERS IN SCIENCE!  Fly high with an eagle! Explore ravishing raptors! How do raptors see? Model a rapture eye! Owls Encounters in Science!are creatures of the night! Where are the vultures?


Tinker Fidget Physics!TINKER FIDGET PHYSICS! Gears make the world go ’round! Build a variety of cogs & gears! Construct a tiny electrical circuit! How long will your light stay lit?


Spy World Secrets!SPY WORLD – SECRETS! We live in a world of full of secrets!! Use science to send a message!  Find hidden messages with the alphabet!  What are ciphers? Write a message using a rail fence cipher!  Encrypt with a Cardan grille! Is there hidden data in that picture?

More to Explore; Wild Life ConnectionsMORE TO EXPLORE – WILD LIFE CONNECTIONS! Science never sleeps! Locate slithering ecosystem system engineers! Wolves return! What if you were a twig eater?  Who is related to the sitagunda?  Make a set of ID cards for animals seldom seen (& perhaps you do not want to see!!)!

Space Missions!SPACE MISSIONS! Take a short flight into space! Add to our knowledge of what lies beyond the stars! Are the rocky planets just over-grown rocks? Check out the amazing features of Ceres! Asteroids are everywhere! Where did they come from & are they in other solar systems? Each asteroid has a story to tell! Let Pluto never be forgotten! The dwarf planets are no longer secrets!

Serengeti of the Sea!SERENGETI OF THE SEA!  Add to your knowledge of the realm beneath the sea!  Is the cuttlefish really cuddly? Join in this watery adventure & observe the mid-Atlantic ridge! Make a set of shark cards (Sharks are the #1 request from students 2015-2016!) Learn how marine scientists classify new species! Are they really “new”? Be a beach naturalist & become excited about the opportunities for protecting the oceans of the world!

Trajectory & Targets!TRAJECTORY & TARGETS! (physics):   Can you aim well?  Who can hit whom? Whoops – it missed! Who caught it & why? Is this physics or just plain science fun! (Note: some projects may have been tested in Physics summer 2016)


Edible Again!EDIBLE AGAIN! The May 2016 after school lab students requested more tasty science! Never get hungry! This lab contains food & children will be tasting! For additional information call office (925-820-2415).


2016-2017 GATE CHALLENGE!!


TECHNOLOGY AND MARINE SCIENCETECHNOLOGY AND MARINE SCIENCE!: There is only one world! It is dynamic & fascinating & unknown!  OCEAN EXPLORERS will explore deep & dark! Study wide diversity invertebrates surviving extreme environments around hydrothermic vents! Down where there is no light, chemosynthetic bacteria form the food chain! Amphipods & copepods exhibit bright adaptations to this ecosystem! Pokemon and Nike are using entomology for inspiration!  What do you know about the Galapagos Rift, the mid Atlantic ridge & the Mariana Trench?  Scientist are just now exploring the vast waters of planet Earth! Where will science physics take us? Bend the rules & create with curves! Build the SOSF version of a deep sea crawler designed to investigate the ocean floor!


ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE!ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE!: Planet Earth is one world – one ocean! Whatever happens in one location eventually affects other locations! Our biome is full of surprises! This set of labs includes project based activities designed to investigate & give meaning to the terms conservation, sustainable science & demonstrates patterns of survival! The conservation of electricity project will have the students maintain their curiosity! A written journal reinforces the ideas & concepts to enable students to design & continue their innovative ideas



COLLABORATION CHEMISTRY & SPACE STAMPEDE! COLLABORATION CHEMISTRY & SPACE STAMPEDE!: Radiation is revealed! Photosensitive experiments abound! Will icky sticky tape repair all? How could the internet be wiped out? Is SETI seeking hoofs & horns? Let’s “go where no man has gone before”! Make a quadrant sample of a section of the outer universe!




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