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Never before has it been so important to encourage, inspire, and prepare the next generation of scientists! We believe “Let No Future Scientist be Left Behind!”  Spectrum of Science Foundation creates an environment where all students succeed in science! These labs give the students the opportunity to test, explore & discover science by hearing, seeing & doing. Spectrum of Science Foundation works with the schools & community to supplement & strengthen their science offerings without duplication. Spectrum of Science Foundation believes that hands on science education and real world applications are fundamental to the success, growth & science knowledge for all children! As a non-profit, we write & develop our own curriculum based on requests from our students and teachers. Most importantly Spectrum of Science Foundation offers distinctly different and unusual hands on science labs, designed to excite the children and create an environment where children can excel in science and leave looking for more! Questions? Want a Dynamic Enrichment Program? Need a STEAM Workshop?

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