Summer Camps: Innovate, Experiment, Design, Test and Take!


LOCATIONS (additional sites are being confirmed)

College for Kids: DVC San Ramon

College for Kids: DVC Pleasant Hill

Katie’s World: Stockton

Dublin Unified School District Summer School (site to be determined)

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SPECTRUM OF SCIENCE FOUNDATION offers distinctly different and unusual hands on science labs designed to excite the children and create an environment where children can excel in science and leave wanting to learn more!  As part of our take home projects we also send a vocabulary card for the parents to know and understand what was taught that day. We promise our families that NO lesson repeats for at least 4 years. 



Grades 1st – 5th

  • COMMON CHEMISTRY:  Have any icy day!  Great experiments with ice include answering the question: How does ink attach to aluminum cans? Participate in a drippy drop contest! Poke a hole in my sandwich! Stretch it out! What is slippery & slimy? Separate print from paper! Measure & experiment – prove that chemistry is fun!
  • PHYSICS ELEMENTARY:   FAST PHYSICS & QUIRKY INVENTIONS!  Learn interesting science and technology facts by experimenting with different materials that react in surprising ways. Explore fundamental blocks & build a house of sticks & bricks! Could you build a house of ice?
  •  EXPEDITION SCIENCE! ALL THAT MATTERS!   Science is all around, up & down, in & out!  Discover & try!  Are primates venomous? What do a rock & a frog in water have in common? Look closely at the white birds found around our homes.  What happens when science strikes back? Prehistoric pals & pollinators are in this lab! Summer skies belong to the eagles! Check out nighttime creatures!
  • SPACE SCIENCE:   Find out what it will be like to be in the Earth’s shadow on August 21st, 2017 as the path of totality covers Earth from Oregon to South Carolina! All comets make noises – listen carefully! Space is not empty. Cryptovolcanos have been discovered! What does the magnetic field do for us? Model an ancient amillary! These labs investigate a galaxy of possibilities as humans leave Earth & “travel” beyond the Kuiper belt!
  • OCEANS OF THE WORLD!  Voyage with the Vikings as they navigated the seas! Build a model of an astrolabe & try a sunstone!   Find stealthy sharks! Investigate “fissipeds”! How does silt in the seas affect the animals living there? Why are polar bears considered a marine mammal? Sharks are always around – watch out for that ghost!
  • SCRAPOLOGY: CHEMISTRY & ART!  Unleash your inner artistic & discover chemistry! Learn to use dyes, inks, stamps & more to create fantastic chemistry with an artistic twist! Learn techniques to make paper old quickly!  Test a variety of inks while you stamp along! Make a technique tab ring for future reference!   Be creative – ideas, inspirations and mediums abound! Glitter & glow projects! Science is everywhere & this is a great unique science summer camp!


COLLEGE FOR KIDS: grades 4-8

Note: this is NOT a college prep course. It is designed to intrigue and encourage children with an interest and a curiosity in science! These labs continue to build & reinforce a foundation in science. Support the students who will become tomorrow’s scientists and more!

  • Space 101: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! What is most dangerous in our universe? Use your Jedi mind powers & engineer a light saber!  Participate in the SOSF “race in space” – did you follow directions? Visualize a worm hole – what is the point of no return? NASA SOHO & missions to Mercury will be explored! Will investigate coronal mass ejections & how these vast explosions affect Earthlings!
  • Space 102: PLANETARY SCIENCE:  Study the universe! What is in the solar system? Space probes are extending our knowledge of the outer regions! Where are Goldilocks planets? The red planet has many secrets which are unfolding! Atmospheric science is included!
  • CHEMISTRY 101: CREDIBLE CHEMISTRY! Chemistry is mixing stuff! What is that stuff?  Formulate bedazzled potions! Rustle up sparking lumps & stumps! Test & observe chemical reactions in snacks! What is a titration reaction? Do you like to spit? This activity is for you! ! SOSF Collective Chemistry formulas included! (All chemicals are safe for children to handle – no dry ice!)
  • CHEMISTRY 102:  TINKERING WITH CHEMISTRY! Experiment with variations of the same chemicals! Is it plant or animal? Does it move by itself? Yes, this is chemistry! Is it hot or cold? Can we change it?? Look at the Periodic Table – can you make an element? Will your special goo glitter? Can we make a lot of mess with explosions?? Yes, is the answer!! Come and become a curious chemist!! All children will receive the Spectrum of Science Chemistry Lab Workbook via e-mail at the end of the session!
  • CHEMISTRY 103: SCRAPPING WITH CHEMISTRY!  Learn techniques to make paper old quickly!  Test a variety of inks while you stamp along! Make a technique tab ring for future reference!  Decoupage on wood rounds!  Be creative – ideas, inspirations and mediums abound! Glitter & glow projects!
  • PHYSICS 201: PHYSICS LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE!! Remember the scientific method?  Imagine – experiment – design it – make it!   Crumble it, charge it, rip it, snip it, drip it, drop it!  Can you duplicate it? Release your inner scientific imagination! And have fun! Physics works!
  • PHYSICS 202:  PHYSICS & FUN! Bend the rules & create with curves!   Join in this mish mash of destruct & reconstruct! ! Your imagination, your design, your project! Will it become a robot or a space explorer? Make it move or light up! Observe it, smash it & build a “what’s It”! This is elementary physics in action!
  • PHYSICS 203




(Prices start at just $8/hour)

Spectrum of Science programs offer young students the chance to roll up their sleeves & get involved in various areas of science – hands on test & experiment – to have actual experiences early & often! We feature interactive & unique curriculum developed by the Spectrum of Science staff. Future scientists will be engrossed in science activities which are designed with STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) basics. We believe that liberal arts including history & art help develop the well rounded student & include these activities in our exceptional program. Children will think, laugh & “play” (“play” = science!) all day!
Factors to consider when selecting a summer program: What do you want:

  • Play camp plus some science
  • Day care plus some science
  • Academic camp – focus on science plus all activities geared towards science – Science is Play!

Register with Spectrum of Science for an exciting SCIENCE camp where the kids have FUN & return wanting more science!

  • All day camp -consider the age of your child
  • Half day camp – morning or afternoon program
  • Day care before & after camp

Spectrum of Science offers both half day & all day programs to meet the needs of your family and the interests of your children. Morning labs do not repeat in the afternoon.

  • A scheduled camp – activities run by the clock
  • A free form camp – activities go with the interest of the children
  • Hands on exploring, participating in group activities & doing individual take home projects with parent vocabulary cards

Spectrum of Science does not run by a clock but by what the children are interested in. We have the ability to expand every lesson to allow for additional exploration, testing and discovery.


Camp Discounts



CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON LINE OR call 925-820-2415 and register via phone. Talk with you soon!
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Q: Will you guarantee that friends/siblings be enrolled in the same camp? 
A: Yes,  Spectrum of Science will guarantee children will be placed in the same group. As a small nonprofit, we believe in children being placed together!!

Q: Why does the same topic have a different cost at different sites? 
A: The price difference is the fee the different facilities charge Spectrum of Science. Spectrum of Science charges less than $8/hour for outstanding hands on science where every child gets to build, test, experiment with his/her own supplies as well as take home his/her own project plus vocabulary cards!

Q: Can the discount be shared by siblings? 
A: Yes, the discounts are calculated by family and as long as one check or one credit charge is used, the discount is good for all children!!

Q: Are all ages together? How old does my child have to be? 
A:Yes, at most sites children are divided when there are enough students to create more than 1 group. Spectrum of Science teaches using the 1 room school house philosophy where we discuss the topic as a group and then get our hands on it and into it. Extension activities and challenge activities are then introduced to any child who has completed the initial build or test. This way no child is stressed just to get done and no child is bored waiting for others. We stress small groups (average 12 kids) and lots of teacher support. We accept kindergarten – 5th grade. (older students may participate in our Jr. Intern program. All camps will have at least 2 staff. No HUGE camps here!!

Q: What is a custom camp? 
A: A custom camp is where we work with you to create a camp specific to your needs and interest. You select the topic, location, date and time and Spectrum of Science will bring everything to you (and you save the facility fee).

Q: What is your refund policy? 
A: Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, you must notify us in writing (email is ok) at least two weeks in advance and we will attempt to fill your slot from our waiting list. If we are able to fill your slot, we will refund the program cost minus a $35 cancellation fee. If we are unable to fill the slot, we cannot refund any portion of the program fee. No refund will be given if cancelled less than 8 days before the start of a camp.

Q. I have a middle schooler, can my child attend Spectrum of Science?
A. YES! Spectrum of Science has 2 programs for middle school students. We have summer camps College for Kids at Diablo Valley College in San Ramon & Las Positas in Livermore. We also offer a Jr. Internship Leadership Development program at most sites. Interviews are required. Call 925-820-2415 for more information.

For more information, discounts and to register call 925-820-2415, register directly with Spectrum of Science. Master card & Visa accepted via phone or mail in registration accepted!