Through Spectrum of Science Foundation children will accomplish success in science! We encourage questioning, independent thinking and self discovery. One of Spectrum of Science Foundation‘s goals is to create an excitement about science that extends from the classroom to home to the lab. Spectrum of Science Foundation is here to assist teachers with curriculum development and great hands on projects for the children. Each child will have the opportunity to experiment, test and get their hands “dirty”. (Even the teacher gets to experiment!)
The classroom visit includes:

  • An exciting & dynamic science lesson
  • A hands on – take home project for each & every child
  • A vocabulary/concept take home card (so parents will understand what the child did)
  • 1 hour to 1.25 hours of instruction (time depends on the needs and size of the class)
  • A teacher packet with vocabulary words & extension activities to continue the learning!!

Spectrum of Science Foundation wants to assist teachers and parents to create an exciting environment in which children want to learn and experiment with science. Spectrum of Science Foundation will work with the teachers and schools to customize additional In School Field Trips, Family Science Nights and Science Fairs. Custom labs are also available. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information. We can be reached at 925-820-2415 or contact